Woodford Youth Soccer Association

Q. What is the Open Draw?

WYSA is a member of Kentucky Youth Soccer Association and United States Soccer Association. According to their rules and regulations, all recreational soccer teams must be formed using a draw, balanced by birth age (so many juniors and so many senior players, depending on how many children are registered). The process always starts with the fall season. In the spring, players who are new to the program fill spots of non-returning players and are drawn, by age, to fill those spots evenly among all of the teams.

Q. Can I request that my child be placed on a certain team?

You can by using the "Play with a Friend" program. This program was created to allow Friends to play together. All we require is that ONE of the parents of the "Friends" volunteers to coach. However, this is only available on Under 4, Under 6, and Under 8 divisions.This form is available under Downloads. Because we must follow the open draw, we cannot place older children on teams.

Q. Can I request a certain practice night?

With the number of teams we have between Woodford Youth Soccer and Bluegrass Soccer Club, scheduling practice times can be problematic. The coaches are the ones who get to pick their practice nights. Since we don't know which team you might be assigned to - we can't guarantee a night UNLESS YOU VOLUNTEER AND ARE CHOSEN TO BE A COACH.

Q. If I don't get the night I want, may I get a refund?

Refunds may be requesting prior to team formation (less $50 for administrative fee). Any refund after team formation will be up to the Board of Directors.

Q. How can I be assured of getting the practice night I want?

Volunteer to Coach. Only the coach can decide what practice night he/she prefers.

Q. But I don't know anything about soccer.

Most of the people that coach recreational soccer knew nothing about the sport when they started. WYSA and KYSA both give soccer clinics to help you in learning drills, the rules of the game, etc. If we can, we try to pair together a head and assistant coach where one has experience. Coaching is a very rewarding experience that gives you an opportunity to spend quality time with your child. Give it a try!

Q. How many nights a week do you practice?

Practices are up to the coach. IN GENERAL, Under 4 & Under 6 practice one night/week. Older age groups typically practice twice/week.

Q. How many games do you play and when?

Seven or eight regular season games depending on schedule. These are played mostly on Saturday, with some Sunday afternoon games. Some age groups will have post-season tournaments.

Q. What equipment do we need?

Shin guards are mandatory for all practices and games. Cleated soccer shoes are needed if play will be on wet, muddy, or soft surfaces. For very young players sneakers will probably do fine. Older age groups should probably wear cleats.

Q. What about a cost?

See the front page of WYSA's web page for current fees.

Q. What about a uniform?

Each Under 4 and Under 6 child receives a T-shirt every fall. They will wear the same shirt in the spring season. This is paid for out of your fees. The remainder of the Under 4/6 uniform (shorts/socks) can be obtained at a very reasonable cost. In the Under 8 and older age groups, the parent is responsible for the uniform. Your coach will have info on where to obtain this.

Q. What else does my fees cover?

The greatest portion of your soccer fees goes toward field maintenance. It also pays for referee pay, field paint, and to pay for our two employees (one to mow, one works in our office). We also pay fees to Kentucky Youth Soccer Association (a Player fee and an insurance fee.)

Q. Insurance?

We have insurance, the insurance (which is through UWYSA) is secondary coverage that may provide coverage AFTER your primary insurance.. If your child is injured during a game or practice, contact WYSA immediately. There are forms that you, the coach and possibly the referee will need to fill out to get the process started.

Q. What do I bring to practice?

A ball, soccer shoes, shin guards and plenty of water.

Q. What size of ball?

U4, U6 & U8 use a size #3, U10-12 a size #4, all players U14 through adult play with a size #5.

Q. How much playing time does my child receive?

Every child in recreational soccer gets one-half of a game playing time. However, if you are late to a game, that time could be deducted from your child's playing time; or, if your child regularly misses practices. That is up to the discretion of the coach. If you feel at any time that your child is not receiving his/her share of playing time, contact your age group commissioner (see Contacts) to advise that there is a problem. You should advise the age group commissioner of any concern that you have. (See Player & Parent Guidelines). Remember, you signed your child up to play soccer - a team sport - if your child does not attend regular practice or is late to games, it is not fair to the others. Occasionally, we are forced to put too many players on a team to meet this 50% rule. We do so reluctantly, and only to keep from denying a child the ability to play.

Q. What if it is raining?

Soccer is played in the rain, cold, sleet and snow, but never during a thunderstorm. A referee is the only one that can call the game. If it starts to thunder during a game, the referee usually will stop the game for 30 minutes to see if it stops. If not, he will probably call the game. If it is thundering before you leave to go to a game, contact your coach to see if your game has been cancelled. If you can't reach anyone, you should probably go to the field - it might not be raining there. Always make sure the coach has every number you can be reached at in case a practice or a game needs to be cancelled for any reason. You can be updated on weather related field closings by texting Wysasoccer to 84483.

Q. Can I wear a cast (or earrings, religious medals, eyeglasses?)

The Laws of the Game (a copy of which can be obtained online) prohibit anything, which is dangerous to a player or other players. Referees determine if an item can be worn without being dangerous. Most never question prescription glasses, but never allow earrings, etc. Casts are almost always allowed if properly padded - but again, this will be up to the referee at the field. His/her decision is final.

Q. How can I get information about coaching license courses?

Contact Kentucky Youth Soccer Association - www.kysoccer.org

Q. Do you use certified referees?

WYSA uses certified referees. A lot of our referees are young. We always ask that parents remember that these are young adults and that refereeing any sport is not easy and mistakes are made. Please try to refrain from making comments about calls regardless of the age of the referee. If you are interested in becoming a referee, please contact www.kyreferee.com to find out when the next certification class will be held. We always need referees, especially adult (male or female). This is an excellent way to learn the rules and really understand the game (then when you are screaming "handball - handball" and the referee does not call it, you will know why). We also pay our referees.

Q. Where can I find out more about soccer?

We have provided links to soccer web sites on our links page. You can also find lots of books at either bookstores or soccer specialty stores, along with videotapes that will explain the game. We encourage all parents, especially if their children like the sport, to find out more about the game.

Q. I would like to become more involved. What can I do?

Woodford Youth Soccer Board positions are frequently open. We also need volunteers for field day or tournaments. Contact wysapres@windstream.net Most importantly, you can volunteer to be a "Team Parent". This is a parent who helps the coach with organizational issues such as team snacks.

Q. When does a player change teams?

If you signed up your player at just the right time, he/she could be on the same team for as long as 2 years (4 seasons). If you have a problem with a coach, you can ask to be moved to another team. Players only "move up" in the fall. This means that according to their birthday (see the chart on our home page), they have aged up -and have to move to another age group. When you move up, you are again placed in the open draw and randomly assigned to a new team in their new age group.

Q. What is "Play with a Friend"?

Play with a Friend allows friends in the lower age groups to play together. This only applies to Under 4, Under 6, and Under 8. There is a max limit of 4 players allowed -as well as some other restrictions AND one of the parents MUST volunteer to coach. See Play with a Friend - under the downloads tab of our website.

Q. I signed up for Under 6 (or Under 10 or Under 14), but the receipts says U5 (or U9, or U13)??

The registration system will automatically place you in the correct age bracket. WYSA plays in 2 year age groups, so if your player is 9, they would play in the same group as 9 yr olds and 10 yr olds.