Woodford Youth Soccer Association

WYSA is pleased to announce a new program ONLY for the
Under 4, Under 6, and Under 8 Divisions:

You can now put together a team of your friends and play together!
1. This option is only available in the Under 4, Under 6, and Under 8 Divisions.
2. All "Friends" must register online. Then turn in ONE page with all friends listed. Form must be
received in office by registration deadline for the season.
3. One parent/adult family member of the "Friends" must agree to coach, if requested by WYSA.
4. Should a team become so dominant that it is unfair to other teams, WYSA reserves the right to
randomly assign the "Friends" to other teams for the next season.
5. When the "Friends" move up into the Under 10 division, the random assignment policy suggested by
Kentucky Youth Soccer will be utilized.
6. Maximum number of "friends" assigned to a team will be four. You may have fewer.
7. Any report of unsporting behavior by "friends", or any member of their family will allow WYSA to
disband the "friends" and randomly assign them onto other age appropriate teams.
8. "Friends" teams understand and agree that WYSA WILL ask them to volunteer here at WYSA. Failure
of a "Friends" group to provide requested volunteers may result in the disbandment of the "Friends"
Please list names below, and use SAME name as player used to register online:

Age group_______________

2._________________________________ Age group_______________

3._________________________________ Age group_______________

4._________________________________ Age group_______________